Don't matter

Its not protest  its just a disaster
White people mad
Because we don't call them master
Black kids are broken because
Some dont have a father
All lives matter
 black lives matter,
Stop all this chatter because
All lives end, so no life matter....
100 years from now
this shit wont matter

In this world we live in,
You got to ask yourself,
Are you alive or are you living,
Either way you got to accept the life you were given,
Life and time have no brakes,
You got to eat every cake that it bakes,
In life theres no mistake,
SORRY Some People got to die,
For goodness sake,
Got to pray for every life
Our savior makes and takes,
Thank him when you wake
I tell them my goal and they laugh at me
But i refuse to be  imprisoned by society
I will be come what i want to be
This world is on the road to catastrophe
But im on the toll road to my lord almighty

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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