Don't Look The Other Way


That boy was pushed into the lockers again 

And everyone just looked the other way.

They divert their eyes, they walk faster

They just don't know what to say.

He just wants to be liked, to be accepted-

But he can't "because he's gay".

The teachers turn a blind eye- why?

Because being gay's not the "Southern Way".

A school should be a sanctuary,

A safe place for all. 

It should be a place where everyone's accepted!

Not a place where people make you feel small. 

I fear the day when he won't walk through the doors

And our principal will get the call.

"I regret to inform you he won't be joining you today.

Not again. Never at all."

This shouldn't be the way things go,

No more students should ever fall. 

So next time you see that boy getting pushed into the lockers,

Don't just look the other way.

If it were you in his place, 

What would you want someone to say?

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