Drowning in sorrow from the choices I've made in my past,

Only God knows how long this pain is going to last.

No one seems to know the heartache I have to swollow,

Thinking and living for today,not really worried about tomorrow.


Lonley nights I've experienced hard timing throughout the night,

Eventually everyone forgets about you when your gone and out of sight.

They say God wont give you anything you cannot handle,


My lord send me a blessing,Im on my knees as I light this candle.

Enemies are near but I've got my eye on them too, 


Bless them Lord, for they know not what they do.

Eventually everything ends nothing lasts forever,


Memories I'll always cherish wheather good or stormy weather.

I know I'm not supposed to question but God I'm asking why,

Struggling to survive.when they only thing promised is to die.

Under the darkness I'm searching for the light,

No one here around me,but I continue an endless fight.

Days turn into months and months turn into years,

Eventually all thats Loved slowly disapears.

Roaming this land, Not knowing where I'm going,

So lost in this world, theres no perpose even showing.

Time keeps on slipping and fading away.

On my knees praying,please Lord show me the way.

Only if you knew that my intensions were always good,

Down on my luck,but dont let me be misunderstood.

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