Don't Leave Me

As the sun dips behind the clouds

and the moon takes it's place,

Your eyes flutter close, 

your breaths becomes deeper,

and you whisper, 

"I don't want to leave yet". 


Past memories dance and flitter in your dreams.

They cling to your mind,

Seducing you to linger for a little while,

Drowning you in the good, the bad, and everything in between

and you whisper, 

"I don't want to leave yet".


But time is not contained. 

It flies by like the wind; wild and free

Soon you break from the comfort of the past, 

surging through the surface,

gasping for a breath. 

And you whisper, 

"I don't want to leave yet".


Minutes before the sun awakes, 

I caress your cheek, 

kiss your forehead, 

and open your heart.

Sunlight touches your face

as my eyes flutter close

and I whisper, 

"I'll never be far, 

for you'll always remember.

Let your troubled mind realize

and finally lay me and your heart to rest". 

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