Don't Laugh by Gonsalves Mpili

I’ve seen pigs fly,

But I can’t believe it,

I’ve seen a lot,

But the rule is don’t laugh.


I’ve seen an ant making love to an elephant,

Would you believe that,

I turned a river to a huge bowl of whiskey,

And crocodiles started doing gymnastics.


If I’m crazy,

Crown me the king of stool,

I deserve to be a toilet,

A successor is of no need.


History told me there’s world war two,

And they fought with toothpicks and sand,

Geography told me the world was round,

Yet all roads aren’t round.


Name an animal beginning with letter C

I aired out a Cat,

How about T,

I said Two cats,

And letter M,

With such courage I answered Maybe a cat.


As I ask my father,

How much does it cost to marry a woman?

He replies,

I’m still paying despite of 30 years in marriage.


A doctor told me,

Old people have grey hair,

It’s because,

The soaps they use to bath are mixed with salt,

And their hair absorbs the salt,

The doctor ended up by saying,

It’s plain chemistry.


I wonder,

How many of you,

Have broken that one simple rule,

If you haven’t,

Then I’m just a loser,

Who thinks winning is within losing.

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