Don't Judge Me!

You may see me standing on the street with my short skirt, and

five inch heels, looking for a paying customer.

Hopping in and out of cars, trying to make a deal. 

But, don't judge me!


I might be the one with the short hair cut,

pants saggin, tattoos to boot,

looking real masculine in the best way that I can,

and you may say to yourself "that girl looks like a man"!

But, don't judge me!


I could be the very one you'd find sitting on a corner at any given time,

sipping from a bottle of wine,

and may even ask you for a dime.

But, don't judge me! 


You may see me with my pink hair, feather boa and all my flair,

painted nails, with make-up on my face.

Hearing people whispering "he's such a fag, what a disgrace"!

But, don't judge me!


The truth is if you look a little deeper inside yourself, you'll see me!

Like you I am a person and a person is all we'll ever be!

So you do you, and let me do me,

Keep your nasty, unkind thoughts to yourself,

and please don't judge me!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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