Dont judge a book by its cover

Take a look inside my life I bet you think it's perfect no strife but its actually the opposite the constant consonant of a continent that's how my life is when you look on the other side but it feels like there's nobody by your side it's tough. Tougher than rust on nails tougher then slime on snales tougher then a poacher on whales it's atrocious it's bodacious it's even a little bit racist but how is racist because the race is not as black and white as it seems its colorful its a story filled with Pain and struggle and it comes apart at the seems I can be an asshole if you want me to be but that's not me the central centrifical centrifugal point I'm tryin to make is dont judge a book by its cover because that book may have a story like no other and if you don't take that time to read the lines you throw away life itself and time have you lost your mind that's not fine with me because you'll see straight thru me and you won't see the book for what it always has been and always should be.

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that wordplay is incredible.


Thanks spooks


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

words you use was great

it provided a decriptive idea in the importance of getting to know something/someone without passing judgement

keep building

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