Don't Give Up


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Way back when

Before broken dreams ever existed

My daddy always told me 

That I could be whoever and whatever I wanted to be

"Reach for the stars"

He told me so

"Reach for the stars and don't you ever let go"

He warned me things would happen

But told me not to lose faith

Because one day that would all go away. 

Way back when 

I finally grew up

I realized my dreams 

And fought to never give up

Things got hard

Things got tough

My dreams just seemed to never be close enough

"Just give up"

They said

"You won't make it"

Why keep fighting when no one else did?

Then I remember what my daddy told me

"Reach for the stars"

So I don't give up

I fight til the end

I wake up and everything is brighter

I can finally reach my fingers out and touch my dreams

Giving up meant losing my dreams

Giving up meant forgetting what my daddy taught me

Giving up meant losing me

So I don't ever give up 

This poem is about: 
My family


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