Don't Get to This Point

If I hide behind the curtin, I can put less work in,

People see my curtin and think I'm perfect,

not knowing my friends and I drink,

partying it up, drinking with people in sync,

Keeping this up Im going to regret it, and I know this,

but I Gotta keep focus, even if it takes some hocus pocus,

trying not to get noticed, looking cross eyed, but trying to look wise like I'm the oldest,

sometimes I can lose track but I've gotta hold on, going 75 in a 35,

trying to find the best route, people in my head shout,

telling me to push the gas pedal to the ground,

I'm yelling, telling them to get out, hitting the curb,

not knowing which way to swerve, so I close my eyes, as I feel the car rise,

I hear crys, I've given it so many trys, but I know thats a lie, waking upside down,

Samuel Adams traveling up my spine, feeling fine, but at the same time,

I got to see who else survived, unbuckle my seatbelt, falling on my head,

surprised when I see everyone, dead drenched in red, body parts scattered,

look to my leg and its completely shattered,

no feeling or bone matter, 

wishing I would of never tooken that first sip,

now I'm waiting for the paramedic with broken hips.





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