Don't Get Close

Sun, 11/10/2013 - 08:20 -- Kidjie


Don’t get close to me; I don’t know you.

Once I tried to swim in the same tank as you

But I couldn’t breathe.

I asphyxiated from the salt,

So I floated.

Don’t get close to me; I’ll hurt you.

I don’t see why you’re fixated with him?

I don’t relate, I don’t comprehend,

I don’t know why she hasn’t answered your text.

I’ll just push you away.

Don’t get close to me; I don’t want to.

Being drugged up by a stranger,

Zigzagging into consciousness,

Prancing around in a piece of fabric that permits my bosom to climb out,

It’s senseless,



And you know what?

 I don’t care.

Don’t get close to me; you don’t like me.

Let’s be honest:

Our smiles say “HEY!”

Our actions are the desert waiting for rain

While our eyes say “I Hate You!”

Don’t get close to me; I have nothing you want:

No day pass at Kidjie World,

No money to blow,

No brothers to sneak off to the corner with,

No answers to the test,

No button to click play or pause.

No nothing.

Nothing at all.



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