Don't Forgive Me

I'm not asking for help,

But was anything even true?

If you can't be trusted,

I don't know what I'd do.


I've tried to kill myself,

Hanging from a tree at night.

Who are you,

To tell me that I'm not alright?


I believe I'm fine.

Just trust me.

All I've ever wanted,

Was to one day be free.


I'm sick of the lies,

Tired of every faked smile.

What more could you want from me.

My whole life it's been as if I'm on trial.


I thought I've finally learned to protect my heart,

And never again let others in.

By now I should know that when I do,

Pain and sorrow surely will begin.


I know you're angry,

But there's no need to yell.

You say you care,

But how am I to tell?


Emotions and intentions are fogged,

Shielded beneath the hate.

I don't know if I can be helped,

It may be much too late.


On multiple occasions

I started losing my faith and trust.

Maybe separation and silence

Is a must.


I will always forgive you,

But please, never forgive me.

I'm nothing but a mistake,

Why can't you see?!


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