[Don't] Fear the Reaper

Sun, 04/14/2013 - 13:14 -- zcall13


United States
38° 35' 3.3504" N, 90° 21' 4.6872" W

The snow is a blanket surrounding our world,
Protection from the winter.
White, pure, it seems soft;
Yet when you touch it, it’s cold;
It melts.
At first it seems safe, the lamb of winter.
You see the children play,
Laughing, running.
But that which seems safe only entices you to trust,
And then can destroy your faith.
Biting cold,
Tearing at your skin
Freezing, melting, seeking out every warmth.
Stealing it.
Frosty, blank.
Pure no more, as the cars turn white snow
Dark with filth and grime from the streets.
You thought it would protect you,
Embrace you, comfort you.
“Here, child, I’ll keep you safe.”
Everything is not as it seems.
It sneaks behind your back,
Stabs you, laughing gleefully with the children.



written 1/23/2011
revised 4/14/2013

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