Don't Fear, For I Will Be Near

My first appointment of the day

Is little boy Tommy who is always scared.

All I want to do is help educate him.

Hopefully he comes in prepared.


She is going to think I'm lazy

Because my teeth are really gross.

I don't know how to brush my teeth just right.

Teaching is something I need in a large dose.


No one likes coming to see me, he is nervous

Because he fears I will judge his teeth.

Take your mind off the fear and relax I tell him

Instead try thinking about something happy, like a coral reef!


A coral reef does sound prerry cool.

I do remember to try and make my teeth stay 'pearly' white.

I remembered you telling me that  because of your name!

Marina, its really pretty and should never stay out of sight.


You are so sweet Tommy!

I'm so proud of you because you've learned so much.

It's kids like you that make me love my job.

You make me feel like I have the magic touch!


You must have been doing this for years!

I have never felt so light like I'm fighting gravity.

You have taught me to use proper dental hygiene

And plus, all I had was one cavity!


Tommy, you are the best patient I could ask for 

And your mouth is the cleanest.

I hope you remember that it is not all that bad

To come visit your friend the Dental Hygienist!


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