Don't deny my right

I don't know how to explain how I feel because when I don't feel clean I don't feel like I matter so all the words that you say to make your decision right for you is nothing but chatter for me I feel as though I've lost myself because I feel like an animal that is being held away from nature not being able to roam and eat and enjoy the things that were put here for me I'm having a hard time giving myself grace because of the way my feelings you misplace you put your needs first and you just leave me in the dirt you say you're going to make changes then you change your mind and it's like a grown person giving a child a piece of candy and then taking it away that's the way you hurt me I feel like this is a game to you nothing that you actually have to do you can just play with someone's health and Sanity and continue to live like it's no big deal but the pain I feel is real because I can't clean off the things that you've done to me they won't go away so now I sit and live my life this honestly I lied to myself saying that I'm okay but I'm not my outside is full of pain and filled I am so stained cause you are stealing my happiness you put these feelings on me and it won't go away so I can't be free I do not agree with your decision this is how you treat a person this is how you treat someone when you want to lock them down take their spirit and Burn It To The Ground I won't stay where you put me I will get up I'm not weak you should fear me like I used to fear you I don't anymore I don't even respect you and I will be seen no more pushing your disrespect the way people will know what you've done to me

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