don't confuse the string theory with gravity


Stevensville-Baroda Rd.
United States
41° 58' 52.8312" N, 86° 29' 50.2908" W

There is a universe in me and
This is not a metaphor
Each string, bound by a common insult

We held a mirror to another mirror
To create an infinite image and in the same way
The universe in me goes on forever, I think

And maybe that is why I never hit my face on the floor
I fall forever, and never see an ending
Maybe I am being sucked inside and outside of myself
Pulled so hard in polar directions without a place to rest
Don’t ridicule me for this.

For wanting attention
Just give me attention
I need your attention
And every atom inside of my body 
Is desperate for attention
And I can’t even see them.
But do you see me?

Bound inside myself and to my surroundings by common insult-
“You’re not worthy.”

Does it even matter?
Nobody cares about the wall that you spoke to last night
Or if you’re a slave to the poems that you never write
And nobody cares if you stay up late to jot them down
Because if you don’t get these words out of your system,
You’lll harden to a weak stone and crumble inside of a child’s fist

But then they’ll  turn around and dissect your journal when you die anyway
Just like a naked lab frog
Who lived a pleasant life but could never catch enough flies
Got so fed up that he committed suicide
They’ll dissect your journal when you die
And that shines a whole new light on private writing
A fluorescent and very unflattering light on you like a lab frog
Who was just fine
But could never catch enough flies
All he needed was attention.



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