Don't Compare Me to what you have Heard

Sun, 07/27/2014 - 18:45 -- jzb2015


Actions speak louder than words

don't compare me

to what you have heard

yet see me be insipred 

and watch me learn

You see?

Life threw a lemon,

but that wouldn't have been 

the first or last for me

You see?

Woe is not me

I'll get up and show she and he, 

allow them to see

how invicible I can be

You see?

the scars and bruises

remind and allow me, 

to let go of the past

as I grow stronger

recoiling from my cowardly position

I fight back 

with the courage that I once lacked

not allowing intermissions

that's how serious things are getting

you see?

some fights will be longer

still no admission to anything that will amount less

than what I am worth

you will see

no fears or uncontrollable tears

you will see 

me entering this game so indomitable

with moves so strategic

you wouldn't believe it

let me show you 

let you contemplate 

on my mind and me

though I speak and show thee,

don't compare me to what you have heard

for what you see is preferred





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