Don't Call Me Weak Cause I Cry

You look at me
And you see tears falling
You think—
What could be so sad that she cries?
But if only you knew
That joy brings these tears to me.
Laughter with friends
And people I love
Sends this water down my face.


Again, you see me with tears
On my face.
But this time, I am not feeling joyous at all.
My fists are clenched
And my eyes are black.
There is no smile on my face.
My breaths are heavy
My body shakes
A tear goes down my face
I am not sad at all,
I just really need to punch a wall!
I try and relax
But that crap, just ain’t workin’.
I warn you to step away.
I am not my happy self, today.


Oh those damn, rusty waterworks
Feel like working again.
Rivers flow down
These plains of brown.
My body trembles
My mouth releases the periodical groan or cry of pain.
This is not frequent to see me like this.
I don’t cry often,
But lately things have been getting to me.
The burden on my heart
Has been outweighing the one on my soul.
I breath
But those eyes start stinging
And the water starts flowing.
I begin losing my mind
As pieces go every time this happens
I fear my soul will break


But even as this happens
Don’t take me for weak.
My tears don’t mean I can’t take more.
They only mean I’ve been fighting for so long
But even then I stand up, wipe my eyes, and keep it movin’


Cause even if you see me crying,
Don’t take me for weak. 

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