Don't Be Fake, Appreciate!

We live in a world today with every which way to communicate,

yet you can't relay a simple hey, which utterly just makes you fake.

Why even try?

We put forth an effort and yet get no reply.

We thrust out our hand in a sign of friendship,

You take it all the way up to your feet and then spit on it.

We may try and try and try, again

but if you're fake, we can't be friends.

If you're fake there's no way to win.

If you're fake we can't let you in.

This is why it's so hard to find sincere kindness in the world today.

Those who let their guard down get drawn into problems day after day.

The best way to deal is to block the fake out

put our shades on, see no evil, put our buds in, hear no shout.

It's literally screaming in our faces,

your negative personality pouring into and out of all of the races.

We can't come together because we don't know who's who,

because that's what a fake friend does, they blind out the truth.

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