'' DONALD TRUMP We Love '' 

Donald Trump is the one that is in the room 
stand up and let him feel your love 
You know what it is I mean 
He is the Trump Tower that stands for hours 
for you and me, this anyone could see 
Haters are always near just to make blood shed tears, 

Donald Trump will never give up 
because he Love us and he wants to make America great again, 
Donald Trump started out locally 
speaking about what this cold world needs 
to hopefully to let others see what it is they can't see 
it wont be long for him to stand up strong 
to a world of blood shed hate 
that lost their faith, 

If you look at the hateful cartoons 
that is drawn out by Hillary the loony ton 
who will never stand up for you 
she is about money with lots of honey 
she is a phony that likes to ride on pony's 
she will speak her Lies just to get you on her side 
but when it is all over 
she will be the first to let others take you down 
like a beat up clown, 

She talks about budget 
but never about the bodies that had been killed 
by the haters of the other side 
She always talks lies about Donald Trump 
just to make more humps 
to try to get to Trump 
he is the discussion of hateful play 
while she has your eyes hating on him 
she is making your burial bed, 

Trump, trump, trump 
don't lose your head 
because this world is in a Big old Mess 
we all can see when you walk out to speak in public 
you'll hear the cry's of your haters that are killing American lives 
because they stand up for the haters of the other side 
we can hear the rubbish they talk 
they try to leave a mark on your heart 
that is the way it goes when in your in a darken world 
War is always going to be at your door, 

This old hateful world is mad 
because you are the man that stand up for Americans ass, 
Donald Trump sees the crazy life from the other side 
He is going to win 
No one will beat him down 
he isn't a clown Hillary and Obama is 
drawn that in your cartoon book 
and take another look 
Donald Trump has taken his stand 
while these haters getting mad 
but that makes us glad, 

So Donald Trump hop into your car 
and wrap your words all over the world 
take on the action that is packing 
and wrapping against you 
Your style comes with excellence 
to make America great again 
you will bring back Job's 
where money will be in the hand for even the poor 
and we will have to stand up for more 
We stand up for Donald Trump because he will get the Job done 
He will end this Homegrown Extremist/ Islamic Attack 
he will fight back 
that is a fact jack :) 

Poetic Lilly J. Emery (c)


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

let me say that everyone has a right to expression

you wrote it in a way that speaks your ideas, no problem

what's shameful is that this guy is blatantly racist in which he clearly degrades people who are not like him (it's not about ethnicity)

there are people who actually co sign his nonsense (again , everyone has a right to their opinion)

that is not what this country is all about nor stands michelle obama's speech she said at city college

any person who dehumanizes people in any way is not someone one can have for a president (just saying)


you're a dedicated poet that writes in many style which is cool

ask yourself this question, what kind of life do you want to live where hatred pierces people's hearts & soul

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