The Domesticated Housecat

The domesticated house cat
With his fluffy tail and silent paws
He sits perched up high with not a care to call his own
And he sunbathes
How he has no care over who passes by or through
He has no care of what cars go by or what kid traverses through the yard
All he cares about is how much longer his sun will be up
How much longer he can bathe in its warmth
Warming his fur
Before it begins to set
And he begins his escapades
His lack of care of how early you must wake up or what tomorrow holds for you
For it is time for his nightly raid in the kitchen
Scavenging the bag of cat food despite his bowl being full
Smacking at the water dripping ever so slowly from the faucet that you hadn't quite shut off
how he purrs at the foot of your bed
Mooing to get your attention
‘The moon is up and so must I be
And you must join me’
He cries
How when he doesn't get his way
He gives up
Simply slinking away to go find a new amusement
How there is a lot humans can learn from the domestic house cat
The way he cares not what others say
Or do
So long as he enjoys himself
So long as he is loved by at least one person
Or at the very least
Has a roof over his head
And some food to pillage
He is okay
Is happy


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