The Doll

She twirled and danced with grace and muse

Her strings did not stop it

All came to see the show she gave

But then, the floor she hit


Snap! Gasp! She dropped and the show stopped

Her glass eyes looked for help

Above her head, her arm had snapped

No time, or breath, to yelp


The Man she knew took her off stage

Cut the rest of her away

Her arm lay next to her free joint

But it was not okay


He put the doll in a dark box

And sent her to the trash

She lay in filth for ten whole days

Until she heard a crash


Above her head were two green eyes

With a soft smile of white

One small hand kept her close and safe

And they walked through the night


The child played all day with her doll

Twirled and danced and loved her

Even though she had a lost piece

Bad thoughts never did stir


For the girl was just like the doll

A piece had been misplaced

Two arms, two hands, two eyes she had

And one leg from her waist



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