Dog Days of Cruelity


I am small. Though, I can bite. I watch as my home gets destroy. Now, where should I live? I travel far into a strange place. A place full of noise and lights. What am I seeing? I found couple children laughing. They turn when the noticed me. I am happy that they saw me and smile. However, that thought vanish as the bend over to throw rocks at me. I escape for dear life. For days, I am starving. Randomly living in this strange places. There were others like me, but they are never allow to meet me. Why must I be treated bad? What have I done? I am small and I have no place to go. How long should I live like this? Is there any hope for me?

Guide that inspired this poem: 



My brother helped me with the title so I can't take all the credit. I just want people to see the cruel life of some animals. Animals are very much like us.

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