Does Fabrication Begin At Belief?


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Such a simple word with much deeper meaning.
How can we describe a vast concept with this small word?
We are not meaningless, faith shows us that.
What happens when the logic takes over,
Do we lose all purpose?
Or is it Faith, at its core, which takes away the meaning behind logic?
Is it possible to have a decent balance between the two without losing one’s self?

A way to give a heart to the heartless,
Compassion to the spiteful,
A voice for those with no words,
And even a thought to the thoughtless.
Hope and Faith go hand in hand,
Don’t they?

To have Faith is to have Hope that such things exist,
And that we will not be proven to be wrong in the end
As we rot beneath the ground.
Why do we believe only when it seems convenient?
Has our world perverted the meaning behind Faith so much that it is no longer recognizable?
How can we gain this power back?
Or, perhaps, should we leave it in the dust as we go along into the age of unbreakable logic?
Is there an end?
We are nothing without beliefs,
But beliefs are nothing without us.


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