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A woman tried to save her life from a man that  believed the only way to love was to beat his wife

Patient x-rays displayed the six inch cuts carved in her face and her entire jawbone knocked out of place

 He forced her to open her mouth and bite the pavement while he stomped her head

repeatedly until she said she forgave him, in disbelief he put the gun to his head and thought she was dead

,but within minutes she lay on my operating bed, I take a deep breath, and close her file believing

that once I am done she will be alive and able to smile

Although it may take some time to become the oral and maxillofacial surgeon that saves the woman's life

Four years of undergrad, four years of dental school, and four years of specialty

training is well worth sacrificing when rewarded something as great as changing a person's life

Only one thing can stand in my way and that's believing I can't,

but I know that God will be with me every step of the way no matter how long or how much it takes

Yes, life is short ,but I am perfectly content with being proud of what I will become and do to make more people smile

As months proceeded the woman's x-rays displayed a crooked frown beginning to turn upside down

The last day I'd see her she'd come in with her chin held high ,happy to say I thank

God for allowing you to be by my side, I could be six feet deep but because of you and all that you do

I  am able to stand here and say I have survived and I will always appreciate you for saving me and when

that day comes all that I have worked and struggled for will transform my dream into a reality

Doctor Cox

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