Do You See Me Now?


Judgemental, brutal, fierce.

Words into your feelings pierce.

Laughter, anger, hurt.

People make you believe your dirt.


You overcome, try hard to fit in.

Being yourself isn't a sin.

I become strong, confident.

Your opinions become irrelevant.


I am allowed to be free,

My life growing, a beautiful tree.

Show you're different, what makes you unique.

I'm almost fully realesed, at my peak.


You fall, laugh, and get back up.

Be strong enough to say no to the red cup.

Be prideful you're your own perfect.

Refuse to be a puny insect.


You can be anything you'd like,

This is your chance to enjoy the hike.

Once I'm up that mountain, success is my friend.

All that hard work will pay off in the end.




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