Do You See That Boy?


Do you see that Boy?

I see that Boy. 

I see Him everyday in pictures with His smile

and in photographs all the while.

That Boy makes me happy.

His face full of beauty.

His eyes get me everytime.

I get lost in them but is that a crime?

No, it can't be.

Something so beautiful just cannot be.


Do you see that Boy?

I see that Boy.

He's happy but seeking.

He's laughing but searching.

He's a joyful being

Always babbling and giggling.

But I know that He needs someone to love

But He can't see who to from above.


Do You See That Boy?

I see that Boy.

I know He's mine.

He will know in time.

He can't see me yet.

That makes my face wet,

With tears showering down.

But it's ok I must not frown.

I'm a happy person like Him

And He wants a happy girl to be with Him.

I will soon be able to look into those eyes

And spend time with Him as it flies.

I just have to wait

Because I know it is fate.



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