Do you Love me?

I see what you strive to be.

I see the You when no one is around.

--Real love does not demand,

it is not asked.

It comes with ease,

even in a world of people desperate to be loved.

It springs from the depth of your core,

 giving you the endowment to see him in equal admiration,

And to have discussions that are not a mere show of deceptive attrition.


Love is without ego.

Love is a warm, tender glow

you feel close to.

Love is what comes with the absence of ego.

Love shelters when hope is lost.

Love conquers when fear attempts to fester and shackle confidence.

Love mends and heals when you can no longer

--When splintered glass presses around your heart,

love provides a quiet resting place to soothe the trauma--

Love calms your fears and gently safeguards your shoulders...


Love doesn't boast when you falter.

No, love neither demands,

Love is here when the rest of the world dissipates.

What will remain at the end of our days?




All are buried in their graves,

accompanied by the so-called love humans enslave.

But true acts of hope, faith, and love endure 

even the briefest time spent here on Earth.


It is because of this Love,

this enduring Love

that you show,

That I, with only a human heart, love you.

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