Do You Know


United States
34° 12' 12.6324" N, 118° 32' 20.1876" W

The curse of Oak Island,
A tale without a tale that hasn"t 
been tailed.
It's a curse, but a curse without a cure 
waiting to be cursed.
Witches, Tribes,
What lies lye behind the burning
sake of your eyes?-
The head of the match,
It has been struck.
What's did is done and may not
Be undone-
Elizabethan Era,
Hangman's Knot,
Wrap, wrap, outta slack
Pull, pull, pulling, are you 
Satisfied yet?-
Tomorrows fears brings tonights
It's almost like confetti, but
Tears fall faster, like
The rain being blown by wind-
Tossing and turning, 
Swaying like a dancer on the
Hawaiian islands.
A fisherman's fears,
Caught in the midst of
a hurricane
Rolling, Crashing
Against the waves-
Except this is humanity.


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