Do Something

Money. Without it you can't do much. Everybody always wish they had a bunch of it. No Brady. Money is power. It gives you the ability to simply escape out of situations under normal circumstances you would be trapped in. It makes people do things they never would think they would do in a million years. It causes for people to wake up to go to a job they hate daily, just to get a bit of it. It causes people to commit unspeakable crimes such as murder for one. How is it that a green piece of paper determines how we all live our lives. I imagine a world without money, how much happier everyone would be. No one would worry about when the next pay check is coming so they can buy their child a nice, warm winter coat. No more stressing if the bills are gonna get paid. No more working 3 jobs or trapping to bring some cash back to mama. No more stealing food from stores to feed your brothers and sisters, It will be the end of all that.


I wish I was rich. Not to keep all that money but to give it. How amazing would it be giving it to those who are deserving and struggling. To give to those that are doing their best to raise their kids the best they can but fear they don't have the means to do so. I would give. I see people struggling everyday. I see people on the street, giving up all their pride to hold that cardboard sign  desperate for help. I see the cars driving past them, with no care in the world as if they never had to struggle. I see the anticipation in their eyes, praying and hoping for the next car to stop at the light will be the one that will give them enough money so they can eat. It's hard out there. It's a cold world, and we all need jackets but what about those who cant afford them? Should they freeze? Or should someone with many coats in their closet lend them one? There are even the few that would give the jacket right off their backs. They would rather freeze themselves than see someone who needed help and deny them it. This world is ruled by money and greed. Will there come a day where people would be eager to share than to be stingy? Will there be a day when the amount of melanin in our skin won't matter? Will there be a day where the brand of our clothes doesn't represent our worth? Will there be a day where when we see someone struggling we will do our best to help them instead of turning a blind eye?

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