Do Not Worry

Its best if you try not to worry

Worrying rids you of happiness

It shall also cause you pain and suffering

You must learn to trust and have faith

Not only in yourself and others

But in God as well

If you begin to worry

Know that everything will be okay

If you are going in for an interview

Then calm your mind

For it is better to go in with nothing on your mind

Than to worry and think the worst possible outcome

Fear and worrying can cause you to overthink

Overthinking causes you to shut yourself off

And that can lead to destroying your happiness

For we shouldnt find happiness in the objects that we want

We should seek happiness from the people that surround us

Friends, family, significant others, 

Including the simple things

We take so much for granted 

That we never focus upon these such things

We are constantly looking for the latest phone

The greatest car, electronics etc.

But how often do we take time to just

Sit down and talk with a family member

How much time do we take out to help out a friend

That might really need someone

Because they are going through a tough time

Its okay to worry

Its human nature

However we must focus on the small things

You must learn to control that fear and worriness inside you

For it could hurt the ones you love most

To stop worrying we should learn how to trust more

Learn to trust a best friend

Rely upon each other

But most of all

We must give it all up to God

So my challenge to you today 

Is that you take some time out of your day

Make time for the people that are important to you

Whether they are down the street

Or 300 miles away

Because if we put our time in something else that isnt as important

Those people may leave and never return

Especially family members

We all have a life span

And someday we will all be on our death beds

SO we need to focus on the here and now

And take the time for the people that surround us

So give them a call

Play a simple game

Invite them to a dinner or a movie

It doesnt have to be special

But know that if you dont find the time

That time is lost, and you cant turn back time

I hope this opens your minds a bit

And touches your hearts

For the heart doesnt need fancy things

It just needs like minded people that care

And to trust and have faith in GOD

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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