Do Not Look Down

Fri, 02/26/2016 - 11:38 -- dzarr

When it comes to living my life,

The only proper metaphor is:

Trapeze artistry.  

I walk the fine line between stability 

and a downward spill towards unknown depths.

While I may seem confident and proud

in the beginning,

It is only because of the monotonously 

Repeated mantra:

"Do not look down, do not look down..."


I have no fear however. 

For I know that way below the highwire,

beyond the cheering, jeering crowds,

Woven together like a net,

Are the hands of my friends

Waiting to catch me if I fall. 

With fingers spread wide,

for comfort, for support, 

and for a touch on the shoulder.

Though there are few,

They are strong and mighty, 

and always, always willing

To bring me back to safety,

With smiles and jests and laughs.


Now if cliches aren't your thing,

and my methaphors aren't suitable,

Riddle me this before I go:

When you are down, as low as ever,

Who reaches out? Who will be there forever?

I need my friends, as they need me,

So I guess, the trapeze isn't the worst place to be.

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