Do NOT Conform


My hair was too long, but I cut it and it’s too short

My mouth was too loud, but I shut it and there’s still sound

My heart was still aching, but I broke it and it still beats

My soul was too restless, but I tamed it and it still leaps


Through the figments of time

I’ve evolved my life

To conform to the people

To end the strife


What I’ve found on this journey

Is that it never ends

I’ll never fit in

The brick doesn’t bend


But that’s what makes me, me


Nobody stands out the way I do

Or has the energy or proof

To say that they are crazy enough

To mimic my attitude


My flaws have derived from the hatred in their eyes

And that’s what makes me perfect

Perfect enough to despise


They look at the outcast with disgusted disapprovement

And wonder when they will retain the same type of grit to do it


Our flaws determine who can stick out best

Ours flaws are what make us simply flawless


So if your hair is too long, then dye it blue

If your mouth is too loud, scream when’s quiet too

If your heart is still aching, grab the bottle of whipped cream

If your soul is too restless, you can dance with me


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