Do It Like Miley

We all live in a world of expectations.

Were we are expected to be an image of perfection and sweetness.

However, I'ma Do It Like Miley.

I am not no Disney character.

I am going to be like a wrecking ball and crush down the wall of society and be the person I chose to be.

I'ma Do It Like Miley and not care on what people think about me.

Sure my change maybe drastic, but I am still the same person I have always been...

I am not a figure in the world that is here just to be critiqued.

I am a human that chose to break the chains and ignore the expectations of others.

I'ma Do It Like Miley and "forget the haters" because "only God can judge".

The interpretation of being perfect is nonsense "we can do what we want" and be "who we want".

Being perfect is impossible.

That's why I'ma Do It Like Miley.

The End



This poem is about: 
Our world



I made this poem to show how society and people around us disapprove on what we do. 

And how society tries to make us believe their is such thing as being perfect and having the perfect body. Well guess what nobody is the same so it's irrelevant to inter prate the word perfect when nobody is the same. We make choices in our life because we want to and we don't have to make choices just to satisfy others.

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