Do I matter?

Of course you couldn't hear the screams of a boy crying out in pain.
The lonely voices asking you for help.
To you the screams are just sweet laughter of the kids playing tag.
Guned down,beaten because he's black.
A little white girl screaming "eww mommy whats that?"
But of course you, couldn't see past the color of my skin.
I'm accused of causing fights,disturbing the peace, and a lot of crazy things.
Those are not my sins! The other thing I'm guilty of is loving a mixed man.
Screaming from the top of his lungs don't shoot! Bang!
Another child is dead.
What did he do to deserve a bullet through his head?
You left his body in the cold for hours as his blood-stained the streets red.
No peace for his family, his soul uneasy but of course to you the sounds of gunshots are fireworks going off in your backyard.
Protected by the law while I'm defenseless...
So excuse the pain in my chest don't you dare curse the stroke of my pen
Now do you understand?
We will save our young black men!

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