Do Dreams Really Come True?

Mon, 07/10/2017 - 14:45 -- jenenb7

Do dreams really come true?

Do Fairy God Mothers' really believe in,  "Bippidie Boopidie Boo"?

Do needs and desires have a common rhyme?

Then, why do I feel like I am running out of time? 


Prince Charming is not the man of my dreams.

He is always up to dirty schemes.

As he parades around on his trusty steed.

I see a women, face down, holding bird seed.


It's Ms. Snow White.

Ms. Fairest of them all.

But all she wants is a marriage to fall.

With red lips and rosy cheeks;

she sees my husband every two weeks.


He is always poised up in a canopy

with a woman that does not look like me.

Each night texting that mistress.

I wonder why he loves another Princess.


They told me this would be a happy ending,

but right now we have a divorce case that is pending. 

I even walked in while they were kissing,

once I finished the dishes and left the kitchen.


"It's true love", they said.

"The perfect fairy tale ending".

But right now I am broken hearted

and I have no idea when I will lose this feeling.


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