Fight for this life,
This moment that may slip away.
Cup your hands furtively as the water runs through
A sieve,
That filters memories.
But time slips on.

Passion for these words,
These notes that form the music of your life,
As beautiful as breaking glass
Upon which you dance,
Forming rainbows as it falls, catching the last light.
The last sun.
And just as painful.

Rage for the end,
The unjust who won.
Empty your lungs to the sky,
The blood red sunset
That casts shadows at the end of the day.
But the color before the dark
Is enough to hold on to through the night.

Live for the cold tears,
Salt tracks drying on your cheeks.
For the warm breath,
White clouds drifting to kiss the stars on a cloudless night.
For the bright white,
Reflections dancing on the waves,
Glittering in the snow.
For the night,
Smothering sound,
Painting the world in gray and black.

Live, for the darkness will come
As this towering fire turns to floating ash.
And no one knows
What sun will rise.


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