Sat, 11/19/2016 - 10:58 -- jpnoto

DivorceFrom the Latin term,DivortiumMeaning separation.No questions askedThis is what it is.The divorce between thoseWho brought you to the Place you are now. Like an IVStuck in my hand With anesthesia free flowingThroughout my bloodstream. I fell asleepWith no memory Of what my life used to look like. To my surpriseI expected this lack of unity.Like an Olympic athleteI trained for this my whole life. I saw it coming.My life was a freight trainRacing forward And no amount of scientific theoriesCould halt it. The ignorance of other peopleIs like a pinched nerve.Most understand what the situationLooks like from their eyes.But like a nightmare That I can't wake up fromIs of me screaming to the masses,I am divorced. 


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