Tue, 08/20/2013 - 12:33 -- Fidelis

Afar from the presumable world

On a treacherous land I lay

The Sun shone above the land

Burning all in contingence


The land was cracked and lacked care

And had an air of abandonment

A shore like that would mark my death

For it lacked life and was impaired


The thirst that burned my throat and heart

Was more than that any spirit could bear

I cried out in my broken voice

Stretching a hand with all my might


I cursed the wretched sun above

As death hovered above my soul

But yes, a last strand was left for me

And so I prayed for one last time


On spur of a moment a divinity arose

Blinding the heinous sun above

The whole terrene was foul in comparison

‘Cause, so stunning was the luminescence


Amidst the glow, a hand materialized

Beckoning me towards the divine

In the contentment I drifted away

Merrily taking the hand I coveted 


Heaven opened up spreading light

And lifted the gloom that presided my being

Ardor gushed into my heart 

For the soul that held my hands


So profound was his glamorous smile 

That I gasped in disbelief at my luck

I wished that time would slow down

And I’d be stuck in that moment for ever


The eyes that stared into my soul

Blinded the evil sun somehow

And with a smile he did whisper

Those three magic words of love

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