The Divide

Sat, 02/01/2014 - 03:01 -- MaithuK

When humans were created

By whatever force it was 

They were divided in two

The Feminine, and the Masculine

But we thrived, us humans

We created magic 

And all around the world, the legend of mankind is told to wide-eyed children while they hear about their ancestors

Who walked among the stars and brought bits of them back to Earth  

And they say, "I want to be an astronaut," or "I want to be an artist."

And the elders would smile because they knew their child could be anything

In this grand empire that humans have created for themselves

And we are revered and admired, because we are great


But somewhere along the way

Somewhere along the path of right to wrong, and good to bad

We recognized that divide as more than it was

We let Feminine become synonymous with weak

While Masculine painted a picture of leadership and authority

But on what grounds does one stand on to say that women are lesser? 

On what grounds does one stand on to say men are greater? 

Women are more than childbirth, emotion and inferiority

Men are more than weight-lifting, broad shoulders and superiority

Yet somewhere along the way, men thought it okay to grab girls off the street 

And take from them what was never their's to take

Somewhere along the way, mothers thought it okay to tell their little boys they were weak if they read books rather than threw balls

Somewhere along the way, we let that divide define who and what we are

We let it create the "ideal image," and we let it decide everything we aspired to be

We lost sight of the similarities and focused on the differences

And that great human empire was wrought with pain and angst and war

War between the two sides, which should never have separated in the first place




First poem, hope everyone likes it? 

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