Distant Memory

Sat, 12/17/2016 - 00:05 -- jxxh

Maybe it was a mistake meeting you,

waiting for an elevator in a busy hotel,

listening to you joke about the tattoo choker around my neck,

or running up the stairs and promising another conversation for later.


Maybe it would have been better if I hadn't noticed you in that crowded room,

sitting against the wall with a smirk on your lips as silence filled our ears,

Turning around at your voice calling my name from across the room,

as you mentioned us meeting prior to that night.


Maybe if I had been smart I would have ran away from you,

instead of moving my hips against your own asking for trouble,

sneaking off of the dancefloor and running off to your hotel room,

licking the other flesh, and biting the others lip.


Maybe I shouldn't have saved your number,

or searched through your flirtation for something more,

ground my hips against yours in a crowded hotel room with unfamiliar friends,

or let you leave without a kiss goodbye.


Maybe I shouldn't have made it so easy for you to crawl inside of my head,

like you did my body the night I spent wrapped around your arms,

with the windows open as we heard the exhale of a familiar face,

as I burried my face in the crook of your neck.


Maybe I shouldn't have fallen in love with you so fast,

or said yes when you finally got the nerve to ask,

for my heart and soul,

with no way to see you, or how.


Maybe loving you is the reason I cry,

maybe your distance is actually my antidote,

maybe I should ruin us, end it now,

but we are so fragile, a touch could make us break,


Maybe easy wasn't meant for us,

and maybe that's okay,

because we'll work on it,

and we won't let our love become thoughtless.


Maybe just maybe.




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