Distant Dad (Spoken Word)

Mom’s mad,

dad stays silent,

won’t speak his mind,

just nods in agreement,

as if everything’s fine.


Deep down it’s disturbing, depressing,

Dad has no idea it’s distressing,

as he sits passive, blank-eyed, unfazed,

looking dazed.


He sits there,

in front of the t.v.,

tells mom and us not to bother him,

had a hard day,

needs time to relax, drink a “beverage”,

can’t admit it’s booze,

only to go snooze,

when we need him most.


Weekend’s not much better,

If he’s not fighting with mom,

he’s fighting us on everything,

grade’s too low, room’s too messy,

says I’m not smart enough,

to continue his legacy.


He wanted me to follow his footsteps,

but to be his follower,

he needed to be my leader,

my mentor,

a father,

didn’t need to walk on water,

just show me I mattered,

instead he scattered,

left me emotionally.


No buddy through boyhood,

no man through manhood,

only a shadow of himself to see,

seeing a shadow of a dad disappearing in the distance.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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