For Distance Will Never Sever

Billions of people in this big world

But all I want is you

Millions of people in this state

I hope you need me too


Hundreds of miles may keep us apart

Not even busses and planes and cars

Can shorten the miles on the heart

Or the distance between the stars.


Just another night away

I look up at the moon

And remember all our precious memories

And hope to see you soon


Faces faces everywhere

Some familiar and some strange

But despite how much I search and search yours is found nowhere

So Id climb to heaven or down to hell in hopes to find you there


I know it’s such a terrible thing, to feel such jealousy

But people see your gorgeous face

And are where I’m longing to be

I try and try but I can’t deny id kill to take their place


People don’t appreciate your beauty as they should

People don’t see your light

Your heart is beautiful and radiating

Your smile is flawless and bright.


I know someday this distance will end

I know our love can bridge the gap

For miles are just numbers

Meaningless on a map.


I love you now and forever

No matter where you are

For no distance can ever sever

Our love that shines like a star.




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