Distance pleae maintain


Near mishra mobile center
Sohagara rd Vill mishrauli po tenua ps guthani dist siwan

I was in myth
And standing by her side
In the ownness of life and width
I took her to bed and sat aside

She was staring at me
With full saul of blinking eyes
Either she was thinking about me
Either she has her blinking eyes

Last night I recall myself
That was not good that day
In her room now I brought myself
Her blinking eyes calling to say

Goodbye my love
Goodbye my friend
Goodbye my sweetest
Goodbye my dearest

After maintaining a distance
I was feeling disgrace
Doctor was recalling sir please!
Maintain your distance

And 10days from now
I am on bed
And my other fellows maintaining distance now
All about now I has a ventilator near my bed..

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Our world
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