Simple as pie,

yet twisted with complication.

How we all die,

but we can’t choose our destination.


Dust to dust,

we fade into the soil

Salvation in trust,

we liberate our turmoil


While beautiful words,

set out to end our struggles.

These nouns and verbs,

speak not our self-sown troubles.


For who am I,

to judge another sinners inequity

I diversify,

my sins with such intensity.


Born broken,

with a knowledge of good and evil.

Lies spoken,

words painted on a wicked easel.


Darkness will prevail,

when society is held astonished.

With great detail,

Christ left this world admonished.


Death is one,

of lifes greatest soliloquies.

Heaven is won,

by Christs’ undying sympathies.


Dark corners of our mind,

creep into lifes expectancy of normal.

Walls closing in to find,

depression grips only to the mortal.


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