A quoted young fella with the mind of a revolutionary trying to change the world around him to make it safe for future kids. What more can you ask for; better days better nights. Things don't change so you lonely here with a knife. Catch his dreams and hopes before he starts falling then lose the pawns around him to start from the bottom. Hopeless at one point but fear the other man in the mirror. Can it just be a day full of joy, night with a choice. Pulling triggers at a young age to set aside struggle and pain that would be faced in a trial of shame. Reading life's message to understand the angel watching then questions appear to attack the mental and emotional state. A song will make her weep, but death will make her heartless. The weeping sound I hate travels with me when im alone. Shattering as the pain confines me even though it only breaks me. Have not much but see the world to be mines. Have not weeped much but plan to stop all tears

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