Disordered Eating

Let's be real,
I do not feel-
Good after any meal. 
My stomach is steel-
My lips concealed,
My weakness unkeeled,
But I cannot deal-
With what my starvation may yield.
So I kneel;
Behind my minds shield
Afraid that my illness may seal-
My undeniable- STOP

You are not Ill.
You cannot be killed.
Your stomach is filled.
Your cry for help is not shrill.
Go take your pills,
Pay your hospital bills,
You do not belong in this ED mill.
Your weight loss is still-
Not enough to- STOP

I may be killing myself,
I'm not some porcelain doll on a shelf,
My degree of unhealth,
Is too much for- STOP

You are not sick enough,
Your path is not rough,
Your sport is too tough,
For you to be stuck:
In a non eating trough.
Imagine your luck,
So don't pack your stuff.
You are not- STOP

Please I am- NO
But I need- STOP
I think I am sick-
But you're not anorexic.


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