We can’t be a diverse world and be based on equality when skin colour seems to be a trending problem. We have changed discrimation into a philosophy where we have this mind set of different races being superior to other. Just because certain races do things differently it doesn’t mean that it’s their tradition or you’re custom to judge upon that, it’s not a black thing or white thing or coloured thing. People are forgetting that history is meant for us to live by it differently, we making it our “right” to repeat it other than our responsibility to prevent that from happening but then I guess the saying is true history always repeats itself. Being called a kaffa or nigga or being told to go back to slavery being called white trash, it’s like an everyday thing that we do. We let this dark demon take over us called Ego’s but no you think it’s okay for you spit words like we dropping bombs, in world war 2 or better yet slavery and then you have the audacity to say it’s your rights ? How dare you? This thing of you thinking that it’s okay to discriminate other people against their race. So now white people are pictured as rich and successful and black people as slaves and dumb uneducated humans. People think that just because we have rights and the constitutional bill were we can do as we please and just because its written in plain black and white…

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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