Discrimination By: Abigaile Reece

Come on now, I'll lead us through this darkness, I’ll provide us the light to proceed,

No matter your Faith trust me, As I guide through the tunnel, We need to come together,


Build just a little from the front to the back, We the sea, All you see,

Some of us WHITE, Some BLACK, Some LATINO, Some BROWN,


It don't matter, Our color, All that does matter, We gathered together as a whole,

To celebrate & Fight the same fight, Rain, Sleet & Snow,

No one can stop us, You'll see, We stronger than them,


We can raise Hell, Stomp, Push, Shove, Rebel together, But what will that do?

How could we let S*** like this happen & Bother us?

Pump our fists, But we have Empowered, We in our final hour, Let us come together,


Be The Voice & Strength Of The Discrimination,

Let's Simplify The Problem To A Rhyme, Amplify The Fight For Our Rights,

Let's Try to Amplify & Multiply, by 7 & a ½ Billion People That are Equal at This Pitch,


We can reach each other around the world, Through our speech,

Let The World Answer To The Height Of The Anarchy,

No More Spilin’ Blood, We Got Other Battles To Fight On This Soil,

No More Psychological War, NO WAR . . .


I Told You To Fight With Your Words, No More Bloodshed,

We Need To Get Through This 21st Century Desert Storm,

Let’s Set Aside The Differences, & Assemble A World Army,


To Disarm This Weapon Of Mass Discrimination,

For The Future Of Our Next Generation & Our Nation,


Let’s speak & Be heard they say time has changed,

“Two Paths” To Go Let’s Take The “One Less Traveled By”,

We gonna draw us up a plan & Accomplish MLK’s mission,


Some survive the ghetto,

Some survive the journey across the border,


Some survive the oversea journeys,

Many don’t survive, & They risk their lives on their journeys,


MLK Had A Dream In His Head,

Let’s Fix This Country, & Let The Injustices Be Solved,

Let’s Mend The Wounds TODAY . . . We Live For The Love Not The Hate,


Do You Believe In Your Creator? The Gods Of Our Faiths Created Us All Equal,

We Gonna Live Our Lives Today, Make It A Better Place For Us,


Right Now There Is NO Justice, There Is NO Peace In The Troubled Times Like This . . .

Whatever’s In The Darkness We Gonna Shed The Light On It,


To wrongs never made our rights, Let’s test our strength & Fight with all our might’s,

Let’s change it for the better, & Make this World a better place,


Let’s Unite as a People & be the Winners of the Human Race,

Life is something you just can’t Replace, We say “All Men Are Created Equal”,


We free, But not the same, We fightin’ the Battle, Won some Battles & Became strong,

The Anger & Hate build, So we find ways to Discriminate,


So many people still judged, Weather it by their Race or by their Color,

In the End we all still Brothers & Sisters,


Times have changed, More Rights &/but Different Sights,

And we share these rights equally,


Race & Colors should not change these facts,

We live in this so called Democracy, With this Movement, No more fighting,


For some Equality & respect look Impossible,

DiscrimiNATION is Everywhere & Leads to Division & War,

Its showing how Ignorant some people are,


In These Closing Statements,

People are more cheerful, that we can be equal,

This Will Be Such An Important Act,

No Hate, No Guilt,


Let’s Walk Hand In Hand, Years Of In Equality No More,

Hearts & Soul, The Thoughts We Share

As The People We Will Walk Hand In Hand,

Of All Color, Brothers & Sisters,


Because We Are Of The Same Origin,

We Are The Same . . .

Discrimination No More

That We Have Empowered

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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