Discrete longing

I wake up trying to wash yesterday off of me
Or out of me..
All the thoughts, twitches, and goofy tears...

Do you know I'm still aching for you?
Do you know that on some nights I feel so empty without you I imagine a bullet can get through me and not hit any flesh
I still call on your soul whenever my loneliness needs a dose.

When morning comes I feel as powerful as a pack of beautiful white wolves combined in one.
But night slips in slowly and loneliness peeks his head out and settle his body in the spaces between my ribs.
On some nights I can't handle the sharpness of his stretched claws digging deep into my heart
And on nights like this I curse the kilometres between my body and yours.
I try to write you a love song or build up enough heart to talk to you.
On nights like this I start thinking of how illegal it is not to have you in my arms at the moment.

Can't you see how violent the spaces between us are?
Can’t you sense that every atom in my body is full of discrete longing for you?
Can't you hear my bones calling your name?
Can't you see that you have become the wound that never heals?

August, 2016



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