Discarded, Beloved Prince

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 19:34 -- Mateos

Growing till the world collapse,

A rim of small seams are not quite seen.

The roses around the garden can hide in their scent so well.

Many have passed, too blind to simply tell

Their lonely prince about his broken heart.


His elegant waltz mirrors his great desperation.

A deer yearning to find tranquility among the deepest ends.

His voice crumples empires but also cause salvation.

And the very ground he walks is praised by every servant who isn't’ dead.

The air marks his loneliness that the quiet young man hangs.

His shoulders will droop and his smile fades behind the closed door.

Pain aches like the wooden stake plunged within a sword

As his habit wills him to  drag his royal feet upon his bedroom floor.

It continues to twist and barrel off the splinters into his delicate, soft skin.


A pair of lonely lips sink further into the bloody carpet.

Cracking the window would make his despair escalate.

Loneliness and tears are simple minded creatures eagerly following.

They always tow underneath his masked facade, never too soon or far too late

Burrowing down into the core,

Glistening eyes are mistaken for glory.

But for the slightest, sweet help anyone would adore is a treacherous defeat to admit of sin

White pair wings may fly to not truly soar.

Born only to be a significant pin,

That lies amid a pit of tongues his soul which ends up to be crushed into nothing more.


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